Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism scrutiny, tightening regulations for housing development in high-risk areas = climate change policy

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's Social Capital Development Council announced on the 9th that the river subcommittee's "Climate Change-Based Water Disaster Countermeasures Review Subcommittee" compiled the country's focus on areas with low water disaster risk. The policy is to further promote initiatives such as residential guidance and disclosure of risk information.

The report, which is a report to the Council, was requested by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to consider a water disaster countermeasure policy with a view to reviewing plans such as flood control and river/sewerage development. The one that has been set up and discussed. We will show both hard and soft aspects, and show policies for water disasters such as normal times, pre-disaster preparedness, disaster response, and prompt post-disaster recovery.

In addition to requesting the government and local governments to improve flood control facilities, they will also promote stricter housing development regulations in areas with high risk of water disasters from the perspective of preventing human life damage. They are also looking into subsidies for raising costs for residential land.

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