Ministry of the Environment's ZEH support project, securing the budget for the previous year = budgets for each province in FY2008 and FY19 supplementary budget

The Ministry of the Environment secured the scale of the previous year in support of the detached ZEH with the budget for FY2020.

However, the subsidy per house will be reduced. The cost required for ZEH has been reduced year by year, and it will promote further market penetration. We will also review apartment support.

The new fiscal budget includes 6.4 billion yen for ZEH support.

The public offering method is undecided, but we will consider a system that small businesses can easily work on, and aim to expand the base.

The subsidy per unit has been increased from 700,000 yen in the previous year to 600,000 yen. The installation of storage batteries is 20,000 yen per kilowatt, and the maximum amount is 200,000 yen per vehicle.

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