Minonmont pays attention to future resurgence: TV era sweeping

On 23rd, it turned out that Minonta [75] will drop off the Nippon Television Variety "Secret Kenmin SHOW" [9pm Thursday], which will be hosted by Nippon Television. The Yomiuri Television [Osaka City] to produce announced the same day. With the renewal of the program from April, he will retire. Except for the case where a new program will be decided in the future, once TV regular will be zero once.

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Mino swept the TV of the Heisei era. Started in April 1989 [Hiramoto], Nippon Television's “XX Afternoon TV Program” lasted 18 and a half years. From March 2003 to November 2013, he also acted as a caster for the TBS series "Asa Zuba!" In December 2006, Guinness was recognized as the "moderator who appears on most live programs in a week". In recent years, the number of regulars has also decreased, and since the Internet station AbemaTV “Buzz by Minonota!”, Which started in April 2016, ended June last year, “Secret-” was the only TV regular. The radio program of Kosu Bunka Broadcasting, which had been running since 1987, ended in March 2017. Attention will also be paid to whether it will "revive" in the television world in the future.

◆ Minomonta Real name, Norio Mihokawa [Minorikawa, Norio]. Born on August 22, 1944 in Tokyo. After graduating from Ritsudai University, joined Bunka Broadcasting. He has been active as a popular announcer in “Say! In 2005, he also hosted the NHK Red and White Singing Battle. He is also the president of the water meter sales company "Nikkoku". Blood group A.

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