Misa Ito tears off semi-final defeat

Tokyo Olympics women's singles, women's group, mixed doubles representative Misato Ito [19 = Starts] lost in the women's singles semifinals and missed the crown for the first time in three years for men and women for the first time in a row.

Hina Hayada [19 = Nippon Life], who formed a pair in the women's doubles who won for the second time in a row, lost 3-4 after a full set and shed tears after the game.

Ito, who lost the first and second games, regained the third and fourth games. He lost the fifth game 10-12 at the end of the close game and returned the game count to 5 minutes at 11-6 in the sixth game, but lost the final seventh game 7-11. Ito has achieved two crowns for three consecutive years in mixed doubles and women's doubles.

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