Misaki Kiritani's book “One book like a treasure” tomorrow 30 years old

Misaki Kiritani, who celebrates her 30th birthday on the 16th, held a photo and style book “zukan” [Shueisha] release event in Tokyo on the 15th.

Kiritani said, “I'm really happy that I was able to put out a book like this in commemoration of my 30-year-old. It ’s the first time I ’ve worked on everything from planning to photo selection and editing, so it ’s like a treasure.”

When asked about what he wanted to challenge at the age of 30, he said, “If I could do something new over the course of a year,” he laughed, saying “I want to eat something delicious.”

It consists of the first Los Angeles location, beauty, related places, favorite things, work, long interviews, and so on.

At the Los Angeles location, he visited Hollywood during off hours and revealed that he was excited about the bills of the stars. When he was excited about the bill, he immediately answered “Johnny Depp”.

As for the title, Kiritani explained, “When I was a kid, I was very impressed with the excitement of turning a picture book full of photos one page at a time, and I thought I could see this book like that.” Yes.

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