Misato Eto graduated from Mai Shiraishi, “ I made a decision ''

Motonogizaka46 Misato Eto [27] held a photobook "Decision" release commemorative event in Tokyo on the 7th, sending an ale to Mai Shiraishi [27], who announced her graduation from the group.

Along with Shiraishi, the first-generation student Eto said, "I knew that I was thinking about graduation." "I made the decision to open up my future life. I feel like that. "

The photobook was shot last September in Iceland and elsewhere. Eto commented on the photobook, "I put a lot of the cosmetics, fashion, and ideas I often hear from female fans." "I could make more than 100 items," he said.

He graduated from Nogizaka 46 in March last year and married a professional baseball player Saitama Seibu Lions Sosuke Genda [26] in October. The year 19 was a turbulent year, but he said, "It's been a turning point for me. It's a year of appreciation." On the other hand, Genda revealed that he hadn't seen the work yet, and said with a smile, "I said I would buy it myself at the store.

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