Misato Eto's first starring in the movie "The Silent Rain"

Last year, Misa Eto, who graduated from Nogizaka46, will make her first appearance and starring in the movie “Silent Rain” released on February 7. The original is Naoto Miyashita, who won the Naoki Prize for the movie "Sheep and Steel Forest". Starring Eto and W is Nakano Oga. It is Denden, Jun Murakami, Seiji Hagiwara, Naomi Kawasaki and other strong casts who are indispensable in the Japanese cinema world.

Eto plays Koyomi, a woman who has been unable to keep new memories for a short time due to an accident. The movie is a beautiful and painstaking love story about the days of Yusuke (Yukisuke = Nakano Oga), who decides to live with her, as she forgets what she was today. We talked to Misato Eto about his first appearance in the movie and his first lead.

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に し て Congratulations on your first appearance in the movie. How did you hear the lead?

Eto: I was happy because I wanted to try the movie someday. There was a sense of security as Nakano Oga and W starring.

は What was your impression of reading the script?

Eto: I read both the script and the original novel. I thought it was a story that talked about how I would live in modern times. After the screening, we talked with director and Oga, "I've never seen such a movie."

て い ま す You play a role that has a memory impairment due to a traffic accident. How did you approach it?

Eto: The role I played this time is shrouded in mystery. So I didn't know how to link with me. I solidified it. I'm doing a taiyaki restaurant in front of a pachinko parlor, but since I can tell from the lines where Koyomi hits pachinko, I actually went to hit the first pachinko parlor in my life (laughs). From that point, I approached the roots of the role.

で は In the world of movies and dramas, it is said that the protagonist creates the atmosphere of the scene. Have you tried to do that?

Eto Noritaka and the director had been together before, so I was able to enter while the air was already created. So, I feel like I've added to the atmosphere. According to Oga, "I always have a discussion if I'm alone with the director, so it was helpful to have Eto-san." So, was it possible to soften the atmosphere of the site? I think.
Quiet rain

ど ん な What kind of communication did you have with the co-stars?

Eto: Jun Murakami supports Nogizaka 46, so the moment I met, I was told, "The real thing!" It seems to have been a co-star with former members Nanase Nishino and Mai Fukagawa, but she also checks on Nogizaka46's program every week. I'm a big senior, but I'm glad I was very friendly. What I found amazing was the ad lib. I heard the name of the dog I had before the performance and put it in the line. And never say the same thing again. So did Naomi Kawasaki. In one scene, it was all ad lib, and I thought, "This is an actress." I felt you touched the essence of the actress.

シ ー ン Are there any scenes that were influenced by you?

Eto: The scene of entering Yusuke's house for the first time was almost ad-lib. I shoot many times, but don't say the same thing. "Do you live alone here?" Or "I read a lot of books." I just had to say what I thought at that time, so I thought there was no wrong answer in my acting. The shooting period was 10 days, but I had a very strong experience. However, including rehearsals, there was a preparation period of more than one month, and I went to a lesson to bake taiyaki for one week.

──Such practice (laughs).

Eto: After all, it must be baked naturally. I can still burn it (laughs). Rather than baking a lot at once, in my case it was a single-cooked grill (one for each ironing iron), but it seems to be more delicious.

に 立 っ I've been on a number of stages so far. What about your first filming experience?

Eto: I thought the movie would be nice too. After shooting, it takes time to complete. I don't know about the scenes that I haven't participated in, so when I see the completion, I connect for the first time, so I'm fresh even though I'm performing. I felt something different from the stage and musical.

は Have you ever felt that your experience was alive?

Director Eto has seen the stage "Three Sisters" where I appeared and decided to appear. That's how the works are connected. I often praise my voice, so I want to value my voice.
Quiet rain

──I graduated from Nogizaka46 in March 2019. Has your approach to work changed after nearly a year?

Eto: I became kind to me. When I was in a group, I had to compare with someone, so I had to be strict with myself and I couldn't do my best. Especially when I first entered, I knew I had to be strong. After graduating, I was able to take my time to relax, so I started to say, "You're quiet." I realize that people change depending on the environment.

で し ょ う I would have always been careful.

Eto: That's right. I used to be strict with myself before, and sometimes became strict with people. I didn't mean that, but as a result. But after graduation, people who can work for me can be kind to others … I'm thinking while looking up at the sky (laughs). I've never seen the sky in the last few years, and ants are walking on the ground. I didn't even notice that. But that's because I was just watching before. Perhaps he couldn't afford to look up and down. Now, I feel the happiness of baking bread and drinking coffee in the morning.

証 拠 It's proof that your mind is heading in the right direction.

Eto: Before I was afraid that I had a break. I was asking "Please work". But now when I wake up in the morning, I sometimes think, "What's going on today?" When you want to meet, you can meet the person you want to meet. I spend more fulfilling time both in mind and body.

フ ォ ト On January 8, the photo book “Decision” was also released.

Eto: Taken in Iceland and Oita (hometown). There are plenty of makeup and cosmetics pages, but especially recommended is the interview page. It also states that you can speak only because you are now graduated. Also, a dialogue with my mother was recorded, and the staff all said, "I was impressed." I wanted to include content that would help me know myself, so I decided to create a photo book instead of a photo book. Thank you for picking it up.

▽ Movie "Silent Rain"
Launched nationwide from Friday, February 7
Cast: Nakano Oga, Eto Misa, Miura Toko, Bando Ryuta, Furudate Kanji, Kawase Youta, Kawasaki Naomi, Hagiwara Seito, Murakami Jun, Denden
Director: Ryutaro Nakagawa
Original: Nato Miyashita "The Silent Rain" (Bunshun Bunko)

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