Mischief of fate│Interview with legendary driver Jackie Ickx

No other racing driver is as versatile as Jackie Ichs. He fought in Formula One, won endurance races, and won the North African desert. I had the opportunity to interview about his view of life, called Legend.

She shook her greeting and said, "Your hands are very cold. The outside was surely cold. I'll warm you up." King "was a charming gentleman who was more charming than expected.

It is unlikely that any driver will have participated in the Paris-Dakar Rally in a completely different category in addition to F1 and 24 Hours of Le Mans. In spite of the techniques that are required and the categories in which drivers have different qualities, what made you decide to try them? In response to this question, he said with a frank smile, "I'm still young." What does that really mean?

"Because the times are different, at that time motorsport was not a popular sports business. Drivers were amateurs, not professionals as they are now, and enjoyed pure driving. Rather, we were free, free and able to challenge what we wanted to do. "

Yes, it is necessary to consider the era of the 1960s when Jackie Ickx played an active part. According to Iks, there was no such "sponsor" at the time, only a technical sponsor. It was an environment where you could freely challenge without having to make a strict contract with the sponsor like a modern racing driver. "Now I have to sign a lot before getting on the car."

"I didn't really want to be a driver in the first place …" When he was a boy, he had no interest in racing and wanted to be a gardener or a guard in the forest. However, the motorcycle given by his parents triggered his life to change dramatically.

"Life depends greatly on luck, timing, and the people around you," he says. Encounters that seem to be coincidental provide the Providence that determines life. "Life is only once. It changes when something happens. It may be a way of dealing with people, it may be a way of using time. In my case, I was really blessed with the people around me, "I don't know exactly what will happen in my life. Destiny is a mystery."

Action at Le Mans in 1969 is no longer legendary. At the start of the Le Mans style adopted at that time [the driver rushed into the machine and boarded, the seat belt started running and tightened], raised the antithesis from a safety aspect, walked slowly and got into the machine, fastened the seat belt tightly And start from the end. Nevertheless, the anecdote of winning the race is too famous.

But Iks also has a different perspective on this episode. “ It's called “ Legend '' because I won the final victory, but if I lost 100 meters, I was told, “ Hey, I walked in and I could not win '' No doubt, people's perspectives are so different. "" I wasn't afraid when I was young. I only looked at the good side of Le Mans, who had a narrow vision and became a legend. I couldn't do it. ''

Looking back on his career, the backdrop of many successes is the bitter experience of his youth. The words, "If you have bad experience, you are given the opportunity to think and grow as a human being," reminded me of an impressive worldview that I can only say because of Mr. Ichs, who is aged.

In this interview, Mr. Ickx has repeatedly spoken of the phrase "race is not about fighting alone." "Unlike individual competitions, racing isn't just about personal talent. It's not just the quality of the car. Don't forget that it's backed by many invisible talents."

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