Mission is for Wagon R! Participating in K4-GP Honda S600 Racer 3

This Eslok was completed as a K4-GP entry machine, owned by Masashi Kato, who heard rumors during the production. He has completed the race in the shakedown race.

Mr. Kato, who has a class championship experience in the past, says he intends to further improve Eslok as a machine in the future. On the day of the interview, his son Kazuki served as a driver and ran on the circuit.

"It's a direct, good or bad, but I think it's an easy-to-ride machine," he said.

This year, we plan to compete more and more in races in categories where we can compete, so we look forward to their success.

The radiator is located at the front. The intake pipe beside it is for introduction into the car.

The suspension is the same as the Zaurus Jr. Arrange only the spring rate softer.

The wheel is 13 inches x 6J of Enkei M18J. For rare races.

The cab is a combination of genuine intake manifold and FCR φ33mm.

After struggling, we found the best match for the Wagon R mission. The drive shaft was one-off processed.

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