Mitsubishi・Space jet(formerly MRJ)is the most afraid of”the needs of the Times”(1/3)

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries・Space jet (formerly MRJ)of the first aircraft delivery is 6 for the second time postponed, or delayed. 2008 years 3 months 28 days,at the time, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries President was 佃和夫 Mr.”aircraft production for many years long cherished wish”and declared,in 2013, the delivery start of the schedule you are aiming for. It is still a type certificate is first,delivery is delayed to late.

【Here】Mitsubishi Space jet delivery is 6 the second postponement of the (3) “YS-11″the rut of stepping on you!

However, passenger aircraft developed in the late when the world today. From the Boeing Company 747 development, when design changes to minimize the system operation in the world to pull off, and the current position. So during the development of the design changes required for the plane only.

Currently, the space jet suffered problems as mentioned, the wiring was like. Known as the modern airplane is the computer’s Mass only. The steering surface to move the computer through that. The old man as the sensibility of relying on the portion of the significantly automatic control to replace it. Japan’s first domestically produced airliner YS-11, compared to the YS-11 is”classic car”and look would.

However, the space jet was the most terrible thing is the”passage of time”only. “It’s about,”and he do, the plane development, the”service”is the expected time of the”needs of the Times”accurately read ahead, and it functions necessary to prepare that is important,it must be a whole value…. wish I didn’t know that.

Expected to do Age,half a century ahead of you. B747 Jumbo development from the start half a century after the heyday ushered in.

YS-11 is not sell in the end was the true cause,”the needs of the times”to read, I had the wrong thing. YS-11 is targeting the market that had a DC-3 successor was.

YS-11 development of time,the pre-war representative of the small passenger plane DC-3 is the world of the empty that many active at the same time the successor of the strife had begun. After the Pacific War,the occupation forces(including America)has been banned from the plane that was developed in 1956, since in Japan again, and hopefully this momentum will occur,the research had begun.

At that time the common sense of a military aircraft, a transport aircraft and bomber development was preceded by, and based on our knowledge of aircraft development after the passing of the ordinary this was.

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