Mitsubishi Electric, various business characteristics and to the world excellent technical strength of the rally in growth lasting to the challenge

Mitsubishi Electric is a 4 month 24 days,the new corona virus infection for the support Fund of about 1 billion donation and the mask, such as necessary materials to provide announced. Employee donations from the company with support from gold to a combined total of approximately 1 billion yen to healthcare professionals as to the activities of the support Fund and donated medical mask, about 10 million copies,disinfectant solution, such as a medical institution to provide.

【Here】Konica Minolta, digital value added by the improvement in operating income of ¥ 100.0 billion goal

Mitsubishi Electric in 1873 岩崎弥太郎 established by the Mitsubishi Shokai independent from Mitsubishi Shipbuilding in 1921, although the electric Department independent of, but that is the beginning. Until 1923 about 1 million units of fan production, then water turbine generator, electric refrigerator, Elevator, escalator, diesel electric locomotive, such as to send out.

By 2019 3 Months Ended of net sales 4 5 trillion,199 billion yen. Department of the ratio, the energy meters, industrial robots, power and distribution transformer such as industrial Mechatronics is 28. 5%, turbine generator, large-format video display device, Elevator are just a few of the heavy electric system 25. 2%, room air conditioners, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, etc household appliances there 20. 9%. The satellite transmission equipment,radar equipment, such as information and Communication System 8. 3%, power module,high frequency element,such as a liquid crystal display device the electronic device 3. 9%, real estate, advertising, Finance, and other is 13. 2%, accounting for diverse business characteristics with Mitsubishi Electric, look at the movement of this.

■The previous fiscal year[to 2019 3-month fiscal period] and current prospects

Year on year sales 4 5 trillion,199 billion yen [year-on-year 1. 7%increase], operating income compared to last year 36.9 billion yen, a decrease of 2,904 billion [+11. 3 percent] were.

Operating income decreased as a factor, the FA system is in the doldrums material prices are rising growth businesses made upfront investments in industrial Mechatronics has 44.7 billion yen, declining sales and model configuration due to fluctuations in electronic device 127 billion yen,the headquarters adjustment and other at 14 billion yen was.

On the other hand, domestic and international transportation business and domestic electricity demand in the Heavy Electric Machinery Systems ¥ 17.0 billion,the global HVAC equipment sales in home appliances to 39 billion yen, and the system integration business due to the increase of information and communication system is 9 billion yen, an increase of was.

Current 3rd quarter cumulative [4-12 months]actual sales is 3 trillion in 2,501 billion yen [year-to-year comparison 0. 4% decrease], operating income 1,822 bln [9. 5% decrease] during the current fiscal year is net sales of 4 trillion to 5,000 billion yen [year-on-year 0. 4% decrease], operating income 2,600 billion [the same 10. 5% decrease] expects.

■Corporate strategy and business development

Both inside and outside the group, to rally the forces for an integrated solution, providing more high level of growth.

1. Both inside and outside the group, in collaboration with the strengths the business characteristics of the different plurality of business group growth by traction.

・Heavy electric system, the lifting of the global model by sharing building systems, enhance railway safety, efficiency and the pursuit by the transportation system, expanding the power stable supply for power system enhancement.

・Industrial Mechatronics is high-efficiency equipment supply automotive equipment for global expansion.

・Home appliances, the recycling business due to the strengthening of the air-conditioning cooling and heating system expanded.

2. The number of patent applications to 2019 5 consecutive years Japanese companies the 1-position,2 consecutive years World No. 2 technological expertise to develop technology synergies and business synergies growth by traction.

・Heavy Electric Machinery Systems,zero energy buildings from design to operation and maintenance services in the bulk offer.

・Industrial mechatronics partner, in cooperation with smart factories accelerating.

・Each business using the characteristics of the GPS,sensing technology,vehicle control technology,high precision 3-dimensional map such as a combination of Autonomous driving society to contribute to the realization.

3. For sustainable growth with appropriate capital allocation.

・Spearhead business growth group-centered agile capital investment.

・Business to strengthen the strategic M&A, the promotion of collaboration.

Technology, services, increase creativity, the vitality of that society strive to make a contribution to Mitsubishi Electric movement of the watch you want. [Article: city-Ho only to righteousness・The article list to look at]

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