Mitsubishi Estate is a gimmick for”Elevator to the theater to be”readers

DX is a digital subscription substantially and. “The evolving digital technology,the living environment and living level better to change”concept…… great

【Here】Mitsubishi Estate’s next move

Recent”lose your last section of her document that you wrote prior to the last save”the World-old 70-year-old body, but not the reality. But”the concept of the business at such an increasing number of companies”and ears, and everything from right-to-left to hear the flow and not.

Developer representative:Mitsubishi Estate such as aggressive initiatives to only have 1 company…… Great “Specifically,for example, initiatives designed to”examine the only.

Mitsubishi Estate last year 11 month 5 days, start-up companies:Tokyo and between, the joint venture”spacemotion [the space]”was established. Space in office buildings, retail properties, hotels and condominiums of the Elevator, a so-called”small theater”to transform the business[the business]that have deployed.

The Elevator doors part to”cinema screen corresponding to the”film,”The Projector=projector”in the video stream as a specification. The Elevator doors closed, and the sensor that senses the conventional poster or just in your[office building in it]for example this video flows and the like.

★Tenant companies floor number [location]that indicates, such as facilities for various information. Weather・weather information. The visual news. The tenant for equipment inspection and disaster training announcements. A light parody, etc.

★The event of a disaster near the shelter and information, railway-related information.●● Line of■―■the interval,I should for the August-October period and so.

Leasing an office building the owner of, or[service facilities] of tenant, the burden of monthly 100 yen from 200 yen electric bill only, and close to zero. The cost of all companies on the delivery of products and services of which advertising fees can be financed.

Advertising in elevators in the expense Fund that is 賢策, but when advertising”rush”or”tired”feeling with our. Is it the even hundred, as you know, the”1 times of advertising exposure is in the elevators and boarded the people on the 1st floor from the 2nd floor, it’s time to move on to complete it by finishing the”and.

Space,”or the Elevator in the deployment, such as attract customers with high space is also less. Anywhere that makes the business”as that.

Evolving technology is indeed,”abundance”will bring. In the future, what development is currently being promoted from the attention you want. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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