Mitsubishi H-IIA rocket 42 No. successful launch (1) satellite of the UAE Mars probe”HOPE”

7 on May 20 at 6: 58 PM, Kagoshima・Tanegashima Space Center from a H-IIA rocket No. 42, the machine was launched. With the United Arab Emirates [UAE], the Mars probe”HOPE”so. Japan’s overseas orders 4 reviews first satellite launch orders only. This satellite is the Mars exploration purposes,about 7 months from the Martian into orbit with the aim to.

【Here】H-IIA rocket of the UAE Mars probe”HOPE”the launch of the successful

“HOPE”is the Middle East’s first Mars probe in there. High-resolution observation camera, no UV and infrared sensor with atmospheric analysis and climate observation, and oxygen and hydrogen are lost during the process of such observation. UAE orders from as in 2016, the H-IIA rocket No. 40 machine launch observation satellite”Khalifa top”since the 2 machines eye. Orders, of course, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries only. Space jet [formerly MRJ]of the plan such as shrink dark buzz’s rocket development is well seems.

糸川英夫 Professor who led the 東大生産技術研究所 of”pencil・rocket”to know? Really”pencil”people,small”model rocket”was unique, even. In 1955 to launch an experiment has been performed. This is a horizontal firing experiment would be.

And in Japan TV broadcasting began around the time of the sure News, as well as TV shows in this experiment is published,for a moment at the horizontal targets and for the”sand”to shove I remember that. Can the police do pistol and rifle ballistics examination was like.

This experimental video inspired by the author of the model rocket engine that my father bought from balsa wood[the world’s lightest Wood] is a small free flight model airplane made. Aluminum small cylinder with a lid, and the lid of the small injection port is empty, not only of the engine, and the name of the model rocket engine, model airplane back on.

Gunpowder pellets, and explode instead of the sequential combustion so that the processed solid fuels, put the cover and the injection port from the fuse to the stab fire only fire preparation was. Paper airplane compared to high flying, but not free at the time of the pencil・rocket and in the distance is flying. Of course the speed is compared to the like were.

It from Itokawa Professor Kappa・rocket to develop, and after a Satellite Launch Challenge to have. However, Itokawa Professor”scientist of conscience”after the rocket development is”peaceful use only”with the aim of attitude control device refused. Now,add a goal on a rocket of course,this attitude control device is equipped.

The current North Korean ICBM[Intercontinental range]development, as seen in the Satellite Launch Rocket, immediately ICBM can be diverted to from technical is near that of the cost of the technology attitude control equipment only. In other words, the H2 rocket or ICBM could exist in there….

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