Mitsubishi H-IIA rocket 42 No. successful launch (3) of the next flagship rocket H3 cost reduction expected in

The following is the H3 rocket, but this is the”rocket launch business”as a commercial based on this aim,significant cost-down initiatives. Primarily,commercial parts to leverage the cost down but this reliability would technical stacked is tough.

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H3 rocket up to aim down the cost of aircraft design・from the development phase Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are involved in the business feeling like that. As a production method, the”line production system”and than say”cell production system”and said it is much better, but the production lasts,parallel business conduct”mass production”and says the concept is to profit on the”keywords”that you would. It is a cost reduction in the production of”leveling”to do the basics there.

Special 1 product to manufacture,it is only when the scale of production to expand at that time only capital investment but,at that time the only engineers who have gathered, the high costs connected to the business as does not hold.

About the development of”consumer products”use of points, but it is”mass-produced”cheap parts used. Of course, the”Akihabara Electric Town”that sold such parts to use.

However, the”Quality Assurance”issue is coming out. Strictly design production process is managed,1 Find repeat Assembly process is inspected,a lot of the yield of course as a guarantee of quality of,cost-down figure in…… This mass production such as production process management can be placed under the”build”how quality assurance concepts to change the image.

Rocket launch,”reliability engineering”of the sample by site. Mass-produced and the same”inspection not such a concept”is manufactured, and inspected again and again, only being comparable to what the special of 1 products product and guarantees the reliability of it? Interested. This commercial rocket launch of the”most important”issues would be. Add a rocket to repeat the same like step failure of this”quality assurance”program, which is not from the will.

H3 rocket as a feature of the basic H-II rocket larger than the performance is high. However, simply great, not a rocket booster to help even without the H-II rocket, comparable to the capacity of the Main Engine 3, based on the bunched. These modules separately, we design and manufacture,a combination-changing can.

This is the client of the satellite’s launch weight is varying depending on the possible launch of the satellite size to fit width I believe. This is the”business”of the Iron Law. I have great expectations like. (Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at)

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