Mitsubishi Space jet delivery is 6 the second postponement of (4) supplier to continue to wait for your stamina do you have?

The space-jet production,the initial 2 months on 1 machine at the pace of the beginning 2~3 years of proficiency through a period per month 1 aircraft system that can tell them. Certification can be obtained, and the production has commenced, the initially 2 years, a total of 12 machines, the production structure remain unchanged from the initial total of 5 years in the production of 48 aircraft and do that.

【Here】Mitsubishi Space jet delivery is 6 the second postponement of the (3) “YS-11″the rut of stepping on you!

Then every 5 years to 60 machines for producing and also shrinking, the current orders you only 25 years old is required. Conversely, to enhance its production system is profitable business and prospects is not open and that.

And the mass production to support of relations with suppliers, the subtle temperature difference between the surface came.

19 years of autumn,”6 the time for delivery postponed for adjustment has been done”and tell them the time, the move of the East level. Of Iron 10 times the strength of while,4 minutes of 1 lighter can carbon fiber in the world share No. 1 East level, the airliner posture stabilizing effect of the empennage for the parts,carbon fiber composite parts from machining supply contract to be resolved.

Toray Nagoya plant processing facilities for the new testing apparatus to supply the repeated delivery of the postponement, in the face of Mitsubishi aircraft parts to supply equipment and personnel to ensure that the question felt like. Parts manufacturing as a material of the carbon fiber supply will continue to so in the future, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has in-house processing not.

Space jet full-fledged production started to take the domestic aircraft parts manufacturing company (so-called cooperative companies), the degree of overlapping with delivery postponed to has been plagued. I have full-fledged production begins, a lot of manpower and facilities that are required to look in the eyes, and go out before flying all the investment that the risk is greater.

Initially set the first unit was delivered 13 years late was from, and in accordance with the time investment as cooperative enterprises have capital investment, the burden of pressure on the IT industry from leaving me.

I say,conditions are in place that assess the investment to begin the process the entire time inhibit time. Especially in early development is a difficult personnel with regard to the recent talent shortage and social conditions into consideration is necessary. Company to survive, the smoothly mass production, the participation will not be easy.

Boeing’s large passenger aircraft and domestically produced large rocket”H2A”assembled to undertake the leading supplier of Dongming industry (Chita City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan tree), the Hiroshima of the industry(Human・Resources・business・holdings:HRJH)to 19 years and 6 months acquired.

Just the old MRJ space-jet to a name change carried out by the sound effects of the signs it was felt the time was. 6 time of delivery postponement, Dongming industrial’s business plan on how interwoven it is unknown, but the former HRJH of employees is more than 10 years average years of Service count veteran is many,60 employees immediately, there is no doubt about that.

Dongming industry the last 19 years, 4 months, and the Osaka of the style acquired the ramen shop”Scales(it)”of the management to embark on a discussion I was just. Annual sales of 150 billion yen for Chubu’s leading suppliers,management of ramen restaurants to advance from say,easily the aircraft business is the doldrums time of the buffer with the business eye the theory that I would not.

Canada aircraft on Business of subsidiaries since the Foundation of the surrounding environment survey,ramen’s popularity can be influenced by your say. Business human resources proficiency skills are also completely different, to procrastinate was to space the jet Assembly of the business it is difficult to cover.

Other cooperation companies each of the companies efforts to continue the delivery time to continue to wait. Efforts work out, there is no problem running a marathon all visible gold is,and far moved as the situation is repeated, the energy, stamina, and also not obvious.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is uphill but in the downhill game, the pacemaker and the role of which is to be expected. (Article: 矢牧 滋夫・The article list to look at)

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