Mitsubishi Space jet delivery problem! (1) aircraft completed the prospect of them not

Space of the Jet time of delivery is Outlook not Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the planning stage occurred in 2 of the contrition of the judgment and button multiply the difference is still the tail pulling.

【Here】Mitsubishi Space jet delivery is 6 the second postponement of (4) supplier to continue to wait for your stamina do you have?

1 one is 17 years, 5 for the second time to postpone deliveries announced during MHI’s Miyanaga, Shunichi President (at the time) through the mouth was,”we have to airliner manufacturing and the knowledge the words”to have been a symbol.

Over the years the Ministry of Defense for fighter worked for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a civilian aircraft to Airliners to fighters below looked like. Extreme conditions in the power of that fighter manufactured with pride,fighters and aircraft design expertise is a big difference of understanding hindered.

I started to develop immediately after the easy and can be a big wall to recognize the presence of of 17 years at the time of certification cannot be obtained in a big factor, and I think bulging. The regrets of is,5 for the second time to postpone deliveries and to announce the President’s mouth from spilling and all.

2. the second one is,already the first deliveries postponed to announce the development of pain in 10 years, Boeing executives”from the 737 cockpit they used”and have been hung at the time of the Mitsubishi Aircraft executives are selectable as well. “What’s what in Japanese is!!” Desire reasonable judgment, to blunt a good example of that.

The 5th delivery of the postponement decision was mainly the fuselage together, the wiring of the review was. The current aircraft controls in flight, and expressed reasonable that Phase Space jet and an example of leak in the fuselage, tension number of wires is 2 million 3000 books and. The fine wires ranging from safety to substantiate this, the completion machine manufacturers imposed responsibility.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the complete machine manufacturers have adopted to Orthodox thought, not according to the self-draining of the wiring method to the development from the beginning and continues, and certification of examination based on”own wiring”how to safety to prove the difficulty of it was. What would the 5th time of delivery postponement that leads to the wiring of the review so easily decided I would not. At the time of the Miyanaga President and the mouth to as”the aircraft production of knowledge”as the fundamental problem faced for 17 years.

Of the entire airframe 2 million 3000 books and wiring all need to review the working of the new machine 1 from a redesigning of the same effort needs to be said. The wiring to overcome the problem for over 3 years and produced 10 units,wiring problems are crushed if you are not going to be able to say. As a result, the new corona virus problems before it was decided 6 for the second time to postpone deliveries announced during a delivery time of”21 years later”expression on.

The mouth is not for”delivery of the time bound is no longer the expression”a person who, in selling which the airline is waiting for more,as the principle is unchanged. 2 million 3000 books and the massive wiring of the safety certification even if you take the time one that would end expectations, time of delivery of the manifest to avoid it.

Delivery time clear does not have the background to deep read as the Ministry no can tell, no problems found, however it does not, and the entire organization of the motivation is reduced as a result and you can receive that. Clear of the entire progress and completion clearly can responsible person the existence of the invisible thing. (Article: 矢牧 滋夫・The article list to look at)

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