Mitsubishi Space jet delivery problem! (3) a delay in the development and future of the space down to the integrity of

Mitsubishi Space jet(MSJ)to advance the development of Mitsubishi Aircraft is 20 years, 3 months ended in the final deficit is the largest 5269 billion yen, 18 years and 3 months period since the insolvent to tumble and published. MSJ development of finished orders contract delivery date and the revenue can Mitsubishi Aircraft to delay, to slow to MSJ in the development of time fiddling around with this and is itself a deficit expansion of the original.

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Such a plight has been driven to the Mitsubishi Aircraft 5 months later,the opposite receive direction and management of the transformation process.

First, the MSJ development of the conductor turns only. 16 years of Canadian Bombardier-turned, the Chief Development Officer(CDO) and is still 2 years of Alex Bellamy, Mr. 6 at the end of retired and 7 on May 1, Kawaguchi, Yasuhiko is the chief engineer he can be the CDO for the time being become vacant.

As an organization of 4 months, was appointed Niwa high Xing(I・I) and President of the spearhead, under the Director of Assistant can,Kawaguchi Mr. Rice flight test base”Moses Lake flight test center (MFC)”the Deputy of the center Director as of certification get towards practical experience, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in the era F15 fighter aircraft such as the modernization of the involved in the experience.

Followed by Japan in 1600 people home and abroad, including 2000 people this Mitsubishi Aircraft employees,Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of the business sector, such as to a transfer by a gradual reduction, and half to our plan. Of North America 3 locations out of the state of Washington, Moses Lake test flight base is alive, the Washington state report of the United States headquarters and design functions with the Canada・Quebec office with 2 offices,closed hundreds of people to reduce personnel. Condition is folded together in Japan to transfer you get as well.

Certification acquisition to promote adopted,experienced a”global expert”called the foreign engineers are a total of 300 people almost blown out, but this time modified to fit 100 people lineup to shrink. The company is halving the number of employees in the plan,the global expert is to reduce the width to 3 minutes 2 to expand. 1 day’s salary is 10 million yen more than the presence is not uncommon,certification for his legions in the field, in the”shoulder the wind cut through the walking”and ridiculed for a foreign technician to the transformation of the wave and.

Foreign technicians to postpone deliveries and to repeat and increase,visible increase started 16 years since the fall, but in the background of MHI’s intention is strongly worked. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is in the past large passenger ship construction is delayed as a huge loss to the US, a passenger ship built by experienced engineers from Europe a large amount of employ,successfully completed and after a successful experience there.

After a large passenger ship built in particulars of to the back of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries leaders,”large passenger ship to that familiar”did not and summed up for. As well as”aircraft manufacturing to the lack of knowledge”, in order to compensate for foreign engineers a large amount of employment, and delayed the development a little early and prospectus, the goal with it?

Personnel, reduce the base to reduce the decisions that led to the decisive background, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is the year of the MSJ of the development cost 600 million yen, set last half that most of the compression was due.

The new coronavirus from the effects of the global economy is released, the resources effectively allocated more efficiently to continue to develop and that this Mitsubishi Aircraft policy is,at the moment take few of choices 1 and this would. (Article: 矢牧 滋夫・The article list to look at)

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