Mitsubishi Space jet, the development of the other…. but I just don’t like it. (2) Y-X plan Boeing of pressure

■Y-X plan Boeing of pressure

I worked in the next room is in the design Department,at that time, Y-X plan has been decided,人名辞典 to know that most of the designers, the Trump for the hand-cranked mechanical calculator to the pillows to NAP with,severely the appearance of the eyes had been. The Boeing Company and a joint venture in which the story progressed.

【Previous】Mitsubishi Space jet, the development of the other…. but I just don’t like it. (1) YS-11 continues from American interests and fighting

YS-11 is a 183 aircraft in production, with the deficit having virtual bankruptcy of the state was. National policy for the company the actual bankruptcy that did not, the funds at the time of the Nikko made a Director of the personal”about”, the big banks borrow money from and I just keep heard. Either way the country is guaranteed to like,quickly tidying up to pressure from would be.

“Y-X organization”in the migration of the rumor, and why, but been told. And, then to design soldiers,my sync, including the Boeing visit and also told. Guys, the destination is determined from the”I”is the truth. Boeing 757,767 etc are called on a domestic airliner dreams have been lost many times.

Is it from a veteran of the designers is what happened to will. Subcontract much from the B767 to complete the B777 to complete my sync of designers from Japan, wings of their dreams for retirement, is it?

Mitsubishi aircraft・space jet, so as designers we wish that you would.

Boeing at the time of the aim,the risks associated with aircraft development risk, but avoid, the Japanese state budget into your. Japanese technology on as soon as in Japan to subordinate subcontractors of the position had been was obvious.

Aircraft manufacturers military aircraft,civilian aircraft, regardless of the competitive industry,reciprocating engine Airliners of the prestigious Douglas jet Airliners switched connection between a Boeing 747 Jumbo of combat aircraft without having to develop disappeared. The Lockheed incident Lockheed now is the airliner from the Department withdrew.

So the UPS and downs of the intense passenger aircraft developed in Japan, the state budget, it is Boeing that are important to this was. Even now, the next mainstay fighter of the pitch, such as acute manipulations have surfaced or not. Japan’s F2 support fighter is a purely domestic one,the American F-16 mods by. Currently, Japan’s wing capture of American craft cooperative in the cheer of yuan, followed by just.

■To survive and the means chosen one

Space jet development plan, the Bombardier CRJ”Canadair Regional Jet(Canadian version)”the business acquired. However, on the background of the”certification”TC (Type Certificate)””never suffered the Mitsubishi aircraft,Bombardier employees of the pull, and the precision of technology that is diverted as by 2018 10 month Bombardier and are suing you.

Thus,to survive means to choose is not severe, where the MHI-funded backing and was COVID-19(new corona virus infection) outbreak in the MHI if a deficit falls and the Air Line companies existence it can endanger the situation and the Outlook are Outlook not. “Fact is stranger than fiction”is well said, the reality is a ruthless one.

It is the problem of the supply chain as a large to the change.

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