Mitsubishi Space jet, the development of the other…. but I just don’t like it. (3) supply chain build and maintain a

■Supply chain to build and maintain

The aircraft industry has advanced knowledge and skills in many areas needed it’s been said that industry,”知識集約型産業”called. It is an advanced quality assurance demands,the automotive industry and are up to 2 different low failure rate demanded from you. Of course, suppliers are carefully selected only those can participate, and Mitsubishi aircraft・space-jet development in the fierce strife is done of is the fact.

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Automobile as compared to”spare parts”aircraft, to support important business. The theme is”faulty from the start and said,”the carefree maintenance in the field of aircraft accident data will be an important issue. Because of that”maintenance system”is a strict arrangement, and the accuracy required. Supplier of course on the quality assurance of the accuracy of the ratio, not the requested level is high.

“Cooperative”called the”chain of companies”a collection of LEGO, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in the former MRJ development plan has begun,such cooperation had. Planned it progresses,disbanded and a new organization, such as updates continue to be,6 times of delivery start delayed to keep struggling to do it.

My company is a construction vehicle manufacturer’s Association, has served as President of the experience of”cooperation”of the information providing apparatus, and the concession struggle is intense,the work of sharing the kind of concession as it has been operating it for the first time in. Therefore, the situation is changing,new technology is introduced to every scene, even the old as a legacy the interests of trying to ensure,is that it is born of fact.

Space jet development plan, the human resources certification can take as policy,Bombardier’s personnel must be like,supply chain, domestic contractors from foreign manufacturers also spread to the results,the confusion your enemies]with one twice as great, do ye say? –

In the automotive industry, the supply chain to build the same problems always exist, and it can control all of the manufacturer’s management in May. In addition, the aircraft of such a big project and that international Affairs are entangled,technical examination alone is inconclusive about the political issues at stake are.

“The Japan wing of the Su, whether or not”is among the back of circumstances, including international Affairs, however. Space jet development plan to succeed whether or not the Japanese government’s attitude were not. Then, the chain has been removed from the local small and medium-sized companies, and high technology continue to retain all measures to have. Otherwise, the”Japan wing”is maintained in the politicians・bureaucrats want to know too.

It’s just,Toyota is the AI of the robots era, and that is the basis for the cutting technology to maintain,bother school established artisans trying to save this through. Global managers, and control software development the Golden Age of you and I hope you understand the point. Honda’s profit margins a cause of bad as well from. (Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at)

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