Mitsubishi UFJ and the cashless payments in the new company of the industry status quo Kuroda, the BOJ Governor also mentioned

Mitsubishi UFJ and the smartphone, can be settled at the digital currency”coin[coin]”issuing company co-founded May 4th, was revealed. The turbulent pattern of the cashless payment industry. Coincidentally on the same day, in Tokyo and spoke at the Haruhiko Kuroda Governor of the Bank, the mushrooming feeling of cashless payments about the”between operators and the interoperability is ensured that the cashless payment of the entire pie to grow,a win-win relationship with you can get,”he said.

【Here】Mitsubishi UFJ, the digital currency in a joint venture company established to=the Nikkei reports

Mitsubishi UFJ is the media coverage for,”the two companies into a new company the establishment of the joint venture agreement was signed with”the facts and brief comments of the announcement for that. Accompanied by 2017, 10 months, Chiba・Makuhari Messe, held at CEATEC JAPAN,the employees for the test had introduced a”MUFG coins”demo is released. The next 18 years AT the”coin”the name of the showcase.

This was revealed a new company to Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group is 49%, the 51 percent stake. Restaurant referral services”Hot Paper gourmet”or the hotel booking site”Jalan net”to operate a group of clients to incorporate,points are also linked to the idea.

Smartphone to use cashless payments for 10 months from the implemented consumption tax hike-related points of reduced by, the competition is becoming overheated. “Pay Pay””LINE PAY””Rakuten Pay”top Group,”J-coins”[Mizuho Bank],”just painting”,”d payment”[NTT DoCoMo],”au Pay”,”main page”[main category],”FamiPay”,”Origami Pay”such as clients competition being waged.

Newcomers on the other hand, this year 7 month began Seven&I Holdings’s”7pay”, but the unauthorized access issue caused by the 3 months of the 9 month to terminate the service to that eventful also.

●Kuroda, the BOJ Governor speech in cashless payments referred to
Lecture FISC[Financial Information System Center] 35th anniversary, the theme is”the settlement of all options and the role of the Central Bank to the table the coin is tossed only problem~”.

Among them, Governor Kuroda is”cashless payment services, financial institutions in addition to Information Technology, which has a strong presence in the non-Bank,FINTECH companies. 10 a month by the government point reduction also began”and without further ADO, the”cashless settlement’s biggest rival is a cash payment to support the Bank’s store network and CD/ATM networks. The Bank between the partners, namely interoperability there is a””cashless payment also, interoperability is ensured if the discount battle by clients from Strategy released, the new value just never compete, you can”and the new movement is the hope that said. [Article: the clear・The article list to look at]

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