Mitsuo Senda apologizes for "going out" in self-restraint request

The talent Senda Mitsue [72] apologized for commenting on the Fuji TV-based information program "Direct Hit LIVE @ Goody!" In response to a request from Tokyo Metropolitan Governor [67] Yuriko Koike to go out of control, he questioned, "What are you going to refrain from doing?"

In response to Governor Koike's request to refrain from going out this weekend, Senda responded, "Why do you want to refrain from self-control? In addition, he declared that he would go out if there was any business such as a close meeting or a walk. "I'm not licking the corona, I'm not stupid, I'm not looking lightly, I'm serious about my heart and what do I do if I fall," Remarked.

Senda made an apology comment through his Ikushima Planning Office. "I received a lot of feedback from my family and friends who watched the broadcast. The children who couldn't graduate, the athletes who had trained for the Olympics, I am deeply afraid to say that I am going out because it is not the government's compulsory while being patient so that it will not spread, I will also refrain from going out in the future. I'm also very worried about Mr. Shimura's condition who has worked hard.I know that there is a severe opinion on the apology after being broadcasted.I will accept all. I was sorry to have made you feel uncomfortable. "

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