Mitsuo Senda appears on Kazuo Tokumitsu Radio

Talent Senda Mitsuo [72] appeared on Nippon Broadcasting Corporation “Kazuo Tokumitsu Tokumori Kayo Saturday” [Saturday at 5am]. I was invited as a guest at the corner of “Toku's Thousand Visitors”.

However, I first met personality Kazuo Tokumitsu [78] when I co-starred in the legendary variety of Nippon Television in 1973 [Showa 48] “Friday at 10:00! The show also features the professional wrestler, The Destroyer, who died last March. In both cases, Destroyer's special technique, the character of the leg 4 was tightened, and it was a dead relationship. They also met at the memorial show on November 15th.

Senda talked with Tokumitsu against Beat Takeshi, Yazawa Eikichi, the late Ken Takakura, and the late Tetsuro Tamba, unfamiliar stars.

Next week's guest, talented figure skater Mao Asada [29] said, “The entertainment world is luck and timing and timing. Mao Asada should definitely do“ Naha Bauer ”” I recommended a new technique that involved.

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