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Mitsuteru Yokoyama “ Sangokushi '' Volumes 1 to 59 up to just before the final volume are released for free, until March 31-Engadget


Due to the spread of coronavirus infection, it is difficult to go out every day, but each Internet service distributes content for free.

Until March 31st, Yahoo's e-book service, "ebookjapan", has been released for free from 1 to 59 volumes of Mitsaku Yokoyama's "Sangokushi". You need to purchase only the final 60 volumes. This is one of the masterpieces of Mitsuteru Yokoyama's masterpiece, a historical manga depicting the Three Kingdoms era, centered on Shu, led by Liu Bigende.

This free release is a part of the Exciting Paypay interlocking project, and the final volume of 60 volumes is 330 yen (including tax), but there is a point reduction of up to 165 yen equivalent with Yahoo! Premium registration. The work can be read from a web browser or application.

You have to refrain from going out unnecessarily. Why don't you try reading the timeless history comics this weekend?

New Coronavirus Update (TechCrunch)



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