Mitsutoku Fukuda smiles on Tokui Ijiri "Satisfaction, one is low"

On Tuesday, the tutorial by Yoshimi Tokui [24] announced a return from voluntary self-control due to a declaration loss of 120 million yen.

On the same night, Mitsunori Fukuda [44] performed at LUMINE the Yoshimoto in Shinjuku, Tokyo, on the same day, "The Photo Studio That Couldn't Be Raised on SNS", and Ryo Tamura [48] from London Boots No. 1 and 2 And appeared.

Fukuda, who says “ I never do SNS, '' wondered, “ Why did I get out? '' Junichi Kawamoto, Deputy Director-General, said, “ It's probably because Tokui has returned. '' . Fukuda said, "Is it going to be a YouTuber or will I call my wife?" When it was out of focus, the wild bomb Rossi shuffled over, saying, "I want to cook it."

Fukuda uploaded a photo of his two-year-old son on the screen provided on the stage. When she heard the voice saying, "Cute ~," she laughed at Tokui, saying, "I need to raise my favor. One is so low."

Fukuda gave a photo of his two-year-old son watching Fukuda's face on television. "On October 26 [last year], when my partner was humble, and a few days later I went to a champagne event and apologized," I'm sorry, "and when it was broadcast on the evening news that day It's a picture. My son is approaching Daddy and Daddy. "

Fukuda further shared a picture of Ryo and his friends drinking at the izakaya table. "I'm not happy to be on social media because I'm so happy at the drinking party with Ryo," said Ryo, who was humbled by dark business. Ryo rushed, "You didn't even know what would happen to you after this."

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