Miyasako 20 million yen "Kushikatsu Tanaka" changed to "Kushikatsu Miyasako"

Hiroyuki Miyasako [50], a comedian who has turned into a YouTuber, announced on the 8th that he will buy naming rights for the Kushikatsu chain "Kushikatsu Tanaka" for 20 million yen, and change the name of the approximately 270 chain stores to "Kushikatsu Miyasako" did.

Mr. Keiji Nuki, president of Kushikatsu Tanaka Holdings Co., Ltd., appeared on his YouTube channel “Miyasako detsu!” And asked Miyasako about the effect of self-restraint to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections. When Tanaka replied, "[Sales] is down 90%," Miyasako says, "I have only one store, but I have a store [Takoyaki store" Miyatako de I "], so I understand. It's closed, but I'm hiring rent, employee salary, and an entertainer who can't sell part-time, so I have to make up for that too. "

Miyasako drank shochu and ate Kushikatsu while listening to president Tanaka's "take-away bento," "Uber Eat home delivery," and other poverty measures. Miyasako offered, "I have no choice but to endure the economy until now. If there is anything I can do," Tanaka suggested, "What about naming rights?"

Miyasako confessed that he was "Katsukatsu Miyasako", when he offered "Kushikatsu Miyasako" for the name of about 270 stores in the same chain for 20 million yen for one month. He dismissed once, saying, "What about" wedding "?"

Still, I reconsidered and declared that I would buy. "It's about somehow, and it's an opportunity for everyone to think about helping the food and drink industry. Let's do what we can. We will cancel some insurance."

"Kushikatsu Miyasako" will appear in July. Miyasako bitterly said, "I'll be working at some store." When the business performance went up, I got a promise to appear in the CM of the same chain store and asked, "Because it is an investment. Since I buy the right for 20 million yen, is it okay to treat me with shochu?" And Shochu was treated by President Tanaka.

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