Miyasako does not return, Hotarubara's program ends @ Foot Goto's new program

Kantere [Kita Ward, Osaka City] has announced a spring program reorganization on the 25th. “Photo Bura” [Saturday 6:30 pm = Kansai Local], where MC Toru Hotaruhara [52] was the MC after the rain, ended in March. From April 4th, Terumoto Goto's football hour [45] Moderator “Foot Map-I Want to Go Immediately!

"Photo Bura" started as "Photo Bura after the Rain" in April 2018, but was renamed "Photo Bura" following the dark business problem of Hiroyuki Miyasako [49]. Hotarubara was appearing continuously.

According to the person in charge, the reason for the end of the program was "program reorganization aiming for stronger organization."

“Foot Map” is a community-based location program that visits the spots where Kansai people can go out, with guests who change every two weeks. Seina Tateyama [22], who will join the assistant as an announcer in April, will serve.

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