Miyazaki Tachibana Department store,11 on the MEGA Drive and re-open to 5 On sequentially from the renovation

Quixote to operate a discount store, a leading Pan・Pacific International Holdings [PPIH], and Miyazaki-city, Miyazaki 橘通西 of Tachibana Department store, Basement 1 and ground floor 1 to 5 from early sequential renovated,11 on MEGA Quixote as the city revealed that.

【Here】The operation of PPIH,the Prefecture of the Department store”Bon Bertha Tachibana”acquisition

Citrus Department store is a steel framed reinforced concrete 1 Basement Floor, 8 floors of the East Building, 1 underground floor, the ground part of the 11-storey West Wing consists of a sales area of approximately 2 thousand square meters. The temp is 100 billion yen more than a year-sales there were in the area of population decline and Aeon Mall such as suburban large-format stores of the offensive,Internet dissemination, such as from 30 ~ 40 billion yen of sales in the depressed, deficit management had fallen into.

Tachibana Department store in 1952 on the former Citrus Department store is established. The former Tachibana Department store bankruptcies of the ion group by the reconstruction, such as through local capital citrus Holdings operates, a 2 on 1 date in PPIH to all of the shares sold,PPIH group than it was in the beginning of the year. PPIH is Basement 1 and ground floor 1 nuclear stores and MEGA Quixote to the housing,the entire facility, a commercial building as a play not to reveal the thoughts as.

Renewal prior to 4 months from 3 days to 30 days between the pre-renovation sales and book sales to implement. Renovated area other than the sequential renovation planning to advance in the appropriate area in the shop assistance are planned.

Miyazaki is JR Kyushu and Miyazaki, traffic large commercial facilities planned for construction, and population decline and young people’s Department stores away in the progress of retail competition is further intensifying the situation. Tachibana Department store can,宮崎山 形屋 and the center core of the store has been playing the role of just a local merchant from the MEGA Donki in anticipation of the up-and-coming. [Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at]

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