Mizuki Yamashita First Photo Album is the third 10,000-copy reprint

The first photo book of "Nogizaka 46 Mizuki Yamashita [20]" released on 22 this month, "The Unforgettable People" [Shogakukan], urgently decided the third reprint of 10,000 copies as early as possible, and the cumulative number of copies It turned out that it became 170,000 copies.

According to publishers, a major chain bookstore in Tokyo has a strong start, with queues waiting to be released before opening, exceeding 90% on the first day of release. Panel exhibitions are being held simultaneously at four unusual stores in Tokyo and Osaka.

Nogizaka 46, Keyakizaka 46, Hyugazaka 46, the first photo book of the “ Sakamichi '' group members, the largest number in the past, 140,000 copies of the first edition, 10,000 copies before the release, a total of 150,000 copies, the release date The second reprint was decided immediately after the release.

The photo book was shot in Paris last October. I visited gorgeous city areas, parks and amusement parks. At the floating hotel floating on the Seine River, I took my first swimsuit shoot. It records many of the first challenges in life, such as shots in the bathroom and lingerie.

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