Mizuno's new shoes, Soka University, Shimazu new section with prototype

Mizuno, a major sports equipment company, announced on the 1st that it will release a new long-distance shoe, Wave Duel Neo.

The biggest selling is "high resilience". Compared to the conventional model, the resilience of the forefoot is about 20% higher. In January of this year at Hakone Ekiden, Soka University and Yudai Shimazu wore pure white prototypes and set new records for the 10 wards. The completed model will go on sale in mid-July. The price is 25,300 yen.

Shota Iizuka [29 = Mizuno], a short-range boy who spoke at the conference, said, "Heavy weight, strong [kicking] power, but repulsive without losing. It also has grip." Also, Shiro Tanaka [35=Canon], who has participated in three consecutive World Cup tournaments as a representative of Japan's rugby, said, "It's very easy to wear, and the resilience is great even when walking. It seems that you are dancing just by walking." I said.

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