Mizutani, Hirano final adjustment for the third person of the table tennis Olympic team match

The Japan Table Tennis Association will announce three men and women representatives to be dispatched to the Tokyo Olympics [Olympic] today. In the singles where the top two Japanese are selected in the world rankings announced in January, boys are Tomokazu Harimoto [16 = Kinoshita group] Takaki Niwa and girls are Misaki Ito [19 = Starts] Yoshizumi Ishikawa respectively I have.

The focus is on the third member of the team. Although recommended by the association's strengthening headquarters, Jun Mizutani and Miu Hirano, who ranked third in the same ranking for Japanese men and women, respectively, are rich.

However, the association listened to players and officials on the combination of team doubles and opinions on confirmation of intention until the evening of the 5th of the previous day, and rushed for final adjustment. The boys considered were Masaharu Yoshimura and the girls Hitomi Sato.

Yoshimura ranks seventh in the ranking, ranking seventh in the Japanese ranking, but is highly rated for doubles. If Ace Harimoto were used in the singles game in the Olympics, two pairs would be left-handed in Niwa and Mizutani. Both the association official and Niwa himself asserted that left-handed people are "difficult", and Yoshimura, who contributed to the bronze medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics team battle, emerged as right-handed.

Although Sato is a cutman, she has won the Rio Olympics women's singles gold medal politely [China] at the Japan Open last June and the Grand Finals in December of the same year. Among the people involved in the association, polite representatives were supposed to be selected, and some people called Sato out if they seriously aimed to defeat China.

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