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Mobile gaming PC "Concept UFO" announced, Windows version Nintendo Switch concept-Engadget Japan version

As the name implies, this is just a concept, but CES 2020 shows a prototype model that can actually be played.

The main specifications of the concept model are an 8 inch 1900 x 1200 display, 10th generation Intel Core processor, Thunderbolt connection, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

Although it seems to be persistent, it is a concept model, so whether to actually sell a portable gaming tablet, how close it is to this model, the price etc. are totally undecided.

The processor will also claim the latest generation for Intel for the time being, but if it were to be commercialized, it would be the optimal processor at that time.

The feature of the concept is, of course, that the content is Windows 10 PC. Since it is a Core processor instead of an ARM, the game that is said to be a masterpiece for Windows 10 can run exactly the same if the settings are dropped (if it reaches the minimum required specification that can be started).

In principle, Steam also works, so you don't have to worry about whether AAA titles will be ported or how long it will be like a switch.

A detachable gaming controller on the left and right, an integrated kickstand on the back, mounted on the dock and the monitor output is the same as a Nintendo switch.

There are even parts that can be bitten between the removed controllers and used as gamepads.

The layout and usability of the gamepad are murky, saying that “ Hmm, I am used and it is difficult, '' in spite of pursuing ergonomics, but since it is a Windows tablet, if you give up holding it, you can use Xbox Elite or your favorite controller Can also be used.

The main body is also much larger than the Nintendo Switch, and if it were to be commercialized with this balance, it would not be the weight you would want to play for a long time with both hands.

CPU / GPU model numbers, clocks, amount of RAM, etc. are undisclosed because there is no choice but to judge them at the concept of unreleased concept. In the demo, the not-so-expensive but nice-looking title World War Z is running at a smooth frame rate without any issues while docked.

(The minimum requirements of World War Z are GeForce 650Ti / Intel 630 / Radeon HD 5870, 8GB of RAM, GTX 960 / 16GB recommended.)

When connected to the dock (power supply), it is faster than handheld mode than the Nintendo switch, rather than the original behavior of the mobile PC, but with the mobile processor the large performance improvement margin in this case may be an advantage of the concept .

At the concept level, it is impossible for small tablets to be equal to a full-fledged gaming PC with constantly increasing performance requirements, but still the evolution of mobile SoCs and GPUs in recent years So, it is certain that the number of "moving moves" and "movable" games has increased in the AAA-oriented big game called AAA.

It's true that PC games don't need processing speed, and some gamers are playing light games on mere ultra-small handheld PCs that don't consider gaming.

Also, even for heavy games, if you're a single player or a part you're already familiar with, you may be happy to be able to play anywhere, even on the go, even if you lower the settings to the minimum.

A gaming-oriented handheld Windows PC that appears and disappears, but I want a major company like Dell to commercialize it quickly.

The video is a hands-on review by Devindra of Engadget.

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