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Mobile phone service area expands in Yamagata Shinkansen tunnel


SOFTBANK, NTT DOCOMO and KDDI are working with East Japan Railway Company to improve the service area and quality of mobile phones in tunnels on the Yamagata Shinkansen (Ou Main Line). In the tunnel between "stations", start providing mobile phone services. As a result, the Yamagata Shinkansen (Ou Main Line) can use mobile phones between "Fukushima Station-Niizaka Station" and "Akaiwa Station-Toge Station".

1. Service start date

Scheduled to start service from the first train on Friday, January 24, 2020

2. Service area expansion section

Yamagata Shinkansen (Ou Main Line) Between Akaiwa Station and Itaya Station (6 tunnels, total length about 5.9km)

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