MOD that transforms Pokemon into Digimon and Agumon jumps out of the monster ball and makes a big success


MOD that transforms Pokemon into Digimon and Agumon jumps out of the monster ball and makes a big success

Released on Nintendo SwitchPokemon Sword Shield"The lizard that appears in" Bandai "appeared a little later than PokemonDigital monster(Digimon)AgumonReplace withMODIs published.

Agumon (Pokemon Sword & Shield) (Skin Mods)

Pokémon Sword and Shield mod inserts Digimon into the game-Polygon

You can see Digimon moving in the Pokemon world in the following movie.

(Pokémon Sword & Shield Mod) Agumon on Vimeo

If you put a lizard in a battle with a normal Pokemon Sword Shield without MOD applied, it looks like this.

When applying MOD, the figure of a human lizard that came out of the ball is familiar in the Digimon seriesAgumonChange to.

The technique remains the same, but Agumon moves in response to battle animation. Here's where Agumon shoots out.

And Agumon …

I wore a brown helmetGreymonEvolution to.

Greymon is more …

PerfectMetal GreymonEvolves into

Metal GreymonMunnaA place where you can shoot a Japanese monji.

And in Pokemon Sword Shield, a system called “Daimax”, in which Pokémon is enlarged by Galar particles, has appeared. When Agumon is dimaxed …

Ultimate bodyWar GreymonTo evolve. The War Greymon is too tall for some reason.

You can meet Agumon not only in battle, but also in camp, you can play with Greymon and Metal Greymon.

It seems that you can eat curry with Agumon.

In addition, 3D skin data of Agumon and Greymon is the open source 3DCG modeling software “Blender"It was produced by. The game media Polygon evaluates that “The lizard and Agumon look very similar in the first place, so MOD seems to function very smoothly”.

However, in order to introduce MOD, it is necessary to rewrite the data file itself in the game, and it is necessary to modify the Nintendo Switch itself, so not everyone can easily introduce it. Also, according to the producer, when uploading a movie that introduced Digimon MOD to YouTube, it seems that the movie was blocked by an application from Nintendo.

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