Modified by MVP Shiro Tanaka "Is it a name?"

Japan National Team SH Shiro Tanaka [35] of the 19th World Cup [W Cup] Japan tournament contributed to Canon's first victory of the season. While the snow was falling, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Sagamihara made a sharp start in the first half, but allowed a lead of 10-15, but also changed to half-time with Japan's representative SO Tamura [31]. "I talked to Tamura to figure out where it was vacant and how to break it down. In the second half I was able to do what I wanted to do." In the latter half of the signboard team's interlocking movement, MHI Sagamihara was scored 13 points in all directions. I turned the game over.

Tanaka is an active MVP of the game. "Thanks to FW for his stiffness today. I think Man of the Match is FW, but why, what's the name?" Laughing and talking about the new team transferred from the powerful Panasonic this season. "I'm trying to change my mind. Panasonic and the Japanese national team can't do the natural thing yet. Based on my experience, I'll say what I can't say around myself."

Among them, "I give young players the opportunity to speak and communicate with the [Flanker] Shimada [Naoto] captains and build confidence in each one. I'm conscious of lowering the experience of the whole team, rather than how I play myself. "

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