Moe Kamishiraishi, the role of murderer, “ shuddered '' Atmosphere absorbed in court

Actress Yoko Maki [37] attended a meeting with NHKBS Premium “First Love” [9 pm on March 22], starring in Tokyo with Moe Uehira Shiraishi [22], starring in Tokyo. A certified psychologist faces a female college student who is said to have killed her father and draws a figure that draws out the darkness of her heart. The novel is based on a novel by Rio Shimamoto who won the Naoki Prize in July 2018.

Maki introduced that he read and acted only on the script, saying, "It's a principle that doesn't read the original work. He read the script and said, "All women can always sympathize somewhere. I wanted to try it because she was saved and helped me take the next step."

Kamishiroishi played a setting that killed his father. "I actually went to court before filming, and for the first time I saw a person handcuffed with the naked eye and shook. I felt the air that unfolded on my skin and started shooting. I learned a lot, and my knowledge has increased. "

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