Moekami Shiraishi smiles at the Miffy exhibition "Returns to a childhood"

Actress Mohne Kamishiroishi [22] attended the opening event of "65th Anniversary Miffy Exhibition" [23rd to 10th August] in Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo on the 22nd.

At the parents' house in Kagoshima, there were costume cases with picture books, stuffed animals, and Miffy. Kamishiroishi smiled, saying, "I feel relieved when I come back to my parents' home. I feel like I'm returning to my childhood."

Miffy created by Dutch picture book author Dick Bruna. Kamishiroishi looked at the drafts carefully and said, "I found out that they were carefully produced. They were all really warm. Rather than touching the pictures, they seemed to be holding a really small rabbit and were healed. I was very impressed.

The theme of the exhibition is "with". Based on the theme, I was asked what I wanted to be with and will always be, Kamishiroishi said, “I'm from Kagoshima, my hometown. It's been about seven years since I came to Tokyo, but I still can't get used to the city. I think and live. I think that hometown love will continue to support me.”

When the chairman asked Kami Shiraishi, who said, "I also support the words of my hometown," to publicize at the Kagoshima dialect, "Miffy's exhibition, wait chode!"

Originally scheduled to be held in April due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, it was postponed.

Kamishiroishi said, “A lot of things happen every day, and some people may feel anxious or feel a little dark, but when I met something pure and loving, it was more than I imagined. It is a place where infection control is adequate, but please think carefully and come to be healed."

More than 250 items including original drawings and sketches of Miffy are on display. Date and time specified system.

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