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Moisturizing care from the inside! "Bobby Brown Hydrating Water Fresh Cream" for soft and smooth skin

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Moisturizes by supplementing the water essential for beautiful skin from Bobbi Brown"Bobbie Brown Hydrating Water Fresh Cream"Appeared! It is a completely new cream that contains Lactobacillus fermented liquid (Nyusan Kankin Hakkoueki), which not only moisturizes but also strengthens the moisture barrier function. Continued use suppresses redness and skin irritation, and leads to smooth and smooth skin. I actually tried it out!

Moisturizes firmly by supplementing the water essential for beautiful skin! New cream of Bobbi Brown for smooth and smooth skin

Bobbi BrownMoisturizing care cream born from"Bobbie Brown Hydrating Water Fresh Cream" (50mL, suggested retail price ¥ 6,900 excluding tax, released May 1, 2020)Is a new product in the hydrating series that moisturizes dry skin like desert and keeps your skin soft and radiant for a long time!

The first fermented ingredient in the series, "Lactobacillus fermented liquid (Nyusankankin Hakkokou)", is added to strengthen the moisture barrier while giving moisture to the skin. It protects the skin from damage factors and makes it healthy and fluffy.

Continuing to use it also reduces redness and skin irritation, and leads to smooth skin with well-textured pores that are not noticeable, so make-up paste is also improved. Alcohol-free and silicon-free, it's gentle on the skin, and I'm happy that it can be used safely on sunburned skin and sensitive skin. A moisturizing care cream that is perfect for the changing seasons when the skin becomes sensitive and for the summer when it is susceptible to UV damage.

Feel the moisture that overflows from the inside with a gentle usability!

Try "Bobbie Brown Hydrating Water Fresh Cream" at once!

The glass bottle, with its monotone and stylish design, looks stylish even when placed in a room.

Jar type to scoop with your fingers. I think it would have been more convenient if I had a spatula.

The texture is pure and fresh gel cream. I feel a gentle botanical scent.

If you stretch it on the back of your hand, it will quickly fit on your skin!

The skin is filled with plenty of moisture, making it shiny and fluffy!

Apply it on your face and blend in.

The fresh texture spreads out smoothly, and it feels good to blend in smoothly.

Makes your skin fluffy and soft from the inside, instantly! Surprisingly high moisturizing power, finished with moist and glossy skin.

The skin is fluffy and sticks to your hands. The make-up paste was also excellent, and I was able to keep my skin feeling dry all day long. Even a reporter with sensitive skin does not feel any redness, itchiness, irritation, etc., and it was a high point that it was a gentle feeling!

After using it continuously for about a week, I was happy not only that the texture of the skin was smooth and smooth, but also that the inflammation of the red acne that had popped up subsided. In addition, it will give you a firm and firm skin, and you will not worry about dryness.

"Bobii Brown Hydrating Water Fresh Cream" is perfect for the coming season when you are concerned about UV damage and drying due to air conditioning. Recommended for dry skin who wants to have a lustrous skin and those who want to quickly moisturize after sunburn!

You can purchase it from the official website or a store that handles Bobbi Brown.

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