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Moisturizing tear bag makeup! "Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom Jelly Bijou" Check out the limited colors released in January and February!

Fragrance eye color released for 12 consecutive months!

The eye color “Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom Jelly Bijou” is an eye color that confines the scent of Jill Stuart's popular fragrance “Crystal Bloom”. Pick up two products that will be released in January and February 2020, limited eye color that will be released for 12 consecutive months. I tried each color and fragrance immediately!

A fresh, pure scent is confined to the eye color! A new eye color is added to the scent from Jill Stuart, which celebrated the 5th anniversary of Crystal Bloom!

KoseMonochromatic eye color that confines the scent of the popular fragrance “Crystal Bloom” from “Jill Stuart @ Beauty”"Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom Jelly Bijou" (7g, suggested retail price 2,800 yen excluding tax, 06 is released on January 24, 2020, 07 is released on February 21, 2020 * Limited quantity)January and February limited colors will appear.

Elegant and pure crystal bloom fragrance is a fragrance loved by women of all ages. Every time you make up, the mood rises with a nice scent that spreads softly!

Black box with two arranged ribbons

The package inspired by a jewelry box has a design where ribbons are connected when arranged monthly.

Containers with lavender and yellow gold flowers on white floor

The container decorated with glittering flowers resembles a single bouquet. The color and scent changes every month, so it's perfect for rewarding yourself or giving a gift to someone special.

Two side-by-side pink and white eye shadows

Color variations and scents are two types: lavender color 06 Will Miss You (Jelly Bijou limited Wil Miss You scent) and yellow gold 07 Eternal Dazzle (Crystal Bloom Eternal Dazzle Eau De Parfum).

When it was put on the skin, it became transparent. Each time the large pearls, which are well blended, reflect the light, they radiate a dazzling shine, and you will indulge in their beauty.

Loveliness like a puppy! Moisturizing tear bag makeup

Eye shadow container with lavender flower decoration

This time, we will try 06 Will Miss You at the main!

The soft touch is almost like a real jelly! There is a scent of lavender. Sweet and sour scent that reminds you of your first love.

Woman applying eye shadow on eyelid

Take an appropriate amount on your fingertips and place it on the upper eyelid.

Woman's eyelid with pink eyeshadow

The shine of the large pearls that are fully blended and the luster as wet!

Woman applying eye shadow on lower eyelid with finger

It can be used without discomfort even when put in a tear bag with a transparent color.

The eyes are very adorable, like a puppy in a tears bag.

Lavender with a pink tint that enhances skin clarity is recommended when you want to create a neat atmosphere.

Take one's gaze around! Glittery eye makeup that shines like a jewel

Another color 07 Eternal Dazzle is like a mimosa flower. The soft and soft scent is close to that of a clean soap. "Isn't there a person who dislikes this scent?"

Container with white flower decoration on white floor

The finish is like this.

Compared to the Will Miss You of 06, the presence of lame is stronger. For a gorgeous finish with gold-like colors.

07 Eternal Dazzle is definitely recommended if you want to create a brighter eyes.

Pearl does not fall even if time passes with a smooth fit!

Not only was it a luxurious finish with a fragrance and glitter that could be used this time, but it also adhered firmly to the skin and kept the freshly applied beauty for a long time.

It also contains moisturizing ingredients, so you can use it safely even in seasons when you feel dry.

Limited colors released in January and February for "Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom Jelly Bijou" can be purchased from Jill Stuart Beauty Stores and official websites.

Because of the limited quantity, those who are worried will check as soon as possible!

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