Momoko Fukuchi: The first drama appearance after “Natsuzora”, becoming a “severe middle-disease patient” with brown hair …

Fukuchi Momoko, who became a hot topic in the role of the evening star of NHK's serial TV novel [Asadora] “Natsuzora” starring actress Suzu Hirose, is a serial drama “High School Girl's Waste” starting in January 2020. Appearance on TV Asahi, Friday at 11:15 pm, was revealed on December 17th. Fukuchi is the first drama after “Natsuzora” and plays Minami Yamamoto [commonly known as Yamai] who suffers from severe “disease”. Fukuchi-san said, “I changed my hair color to the original image and tightened my feelings,” and the twin tail yamai visual was also released.

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