Momokuro and Akari Hayami, Maru for skin care products!

On October 20, Momoiro Clover Z, an ambassador for the skin care brand "SOPHISTANCE", and Akari Hayami, an actress [25], held a remote talk live on the 20th to commemorate the release of the brand's new product "SOPHISTANCE CLEAR" for athletes.

Natsuko Momota [25], who said that five volunteers voluntarily applied for an ambassador before the live performance, said, “I'm happy because I've always wanted to be a cosmetics ambassador. I wanted to do it. As an ambassador, I would like to continue to promote the product.”

Since the product is for athletes, Yankees Masahiro Tanaka, who is also known as Kurofun, was raised as an athlete who would like to give as a gift. Momota and Shiori Tamai [25] pick up 36 cardboard boxes and want everyone who supports "[Momokuro] to use it, but first I want to give it to Ma. I want to go to New York. When I calm down, go. Let's do it!"

At the last remote talk live, Hayami surprised her pregnancy. Hayami also congratulates Rei Takagi, who has a 27th birthday on the 21st, on "Congratulations on Renie" with Hayabusa. Takashiro, who was given the birthday cake, said, "I think he's an adult [at 27 years old], but I don't feel it, I want to be able to move and tough," he said.

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