Momota injury that cannot be overlooked.

A badminton boy singles Kento Momota, 25, was injured in a traffic accident in Malaysia during an expedition in January, and was diagnosed with a broken eyeball [cancer] floor fracture in the right eye for three months. Received. The affiliation NTT East announced.

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According to specialists in sports medicine, eye contact [cancer] floor fractures can be easily found by CT examination, and it is not usually possible to miss a contact sports specialist. It has been nearly a month since the injury, which may have made treatment more difficult. As a main operation method during surgery, there is a method of reducing and fixing with a plate and a method of reducing the fracture part by pushing up the fracture part with a balloon, but if the time has passed, the bones are beginning to stick together without proper reduction, It is a factor that makes treatment difficult.

Although it is three months in total, even in contact sports such as martial arts and soccer, it takes less time to return to the game than in the whole period, considering only the orbital floor fracture. If it takes time, he says, he needs to recover non-bone tissue, such as the optic nerve, which was under pressure.

Either way, there should be some reason you missed it early on. There have been no cases where it has been abandoned so far in the medical field related to Japan's top athletes, and if it were a candidate for a gold medalist, it could be a big problem.

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