Momotsuki Niko appears in "Young Animal" with pure marginal gravure

Popular cosplayer Momotsuki Naoko has appeared on the cover of “Young Animal” No. 5 [Hakusensha] released on Friday, 28th.

Not only cosplay and gravure, but now she appears in fashion magazines and commercials, and she is active in multiplayer. "Young Animal" appeared on the cover in sailor suit. Under the theme of "sacredness of a girl", he develops gravure full of love. The same issue comes with a two-sided clear file of Momotsuki as an appendix. [Another cut isHereFrom]

Also, at the end of the gravure, Sayaka Komuro, whose first photo book is a topic, appeared, commemorating the release of 80 volumes of comics of the magazine's popular series “ Futari Ecchi '', commemorating the release of the author's Katsu Aki and “ Berserk 』SP talk with Mr. Kentaro Miura is also published.

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