Moon Farm the first step to giraffe, such as the universe in the near environment of the plant cultivation success

Kirin Holdings[Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan]is 5 days, the company has developed a cultivation method using the industry-academic cooperation and joint research in space in an environment as close to the plants to grow to a successful and announced. Giraffe, such as a lunar facility to grow crops on the moon”on the farm”lead to the realization of and want to.

【Here】In space to grow plants and roots from extending into the

Research has been done, the giraffe in addition,the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency [JAXA]and Chiba University, Tokyo University of science, Takenaka Corporation. In outer space long term stay can be the development of technology around the world advanced during the JAXA Moon”Farm Group”to be provided, such as in outer space of stable supply of food in the study of working.

Giraffes, according to the lunar facilities to grow crops, and water usage limitations, disease and pest outbreaks thoroughly to prevent you need. Also, the facility operations to reduce costs, pressure to a low constrained problem.

For this study, the giraffe has developed a”bag-type culture tank production technology”was adopted. A small bag in the circulating water from the plant cultivation technology,water can be used effectively, other viruses and pathogens, contamination can be prevented. Small bag use for the facility, residing the number to match the production control officer.

Chiba University is a low pressure environment to keep the culture apparatus using this technology in the lettuce and potatoes, soybeans grow, and the normal environments, the same as grown can. After the experiment, crop nutrition and growth of the necessary culture medium components amount of analysis, usually growing crops and not change to make sure that.

The giraffe is”future University-industry collaboration to advance the bag-type culture tank technology developed by JAXA and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration [NASA] as the Space Agency proposal to have”as.

JAXA’s Moon Farm, a working group is in 2017 3 from the moon for about 2 years,University and private sector experts, and also in the moon to plant to grow your system in order to study was inaugurated. Cultivation system and high efficiency of production technology, materials circulation system, such as discussed in 2019, 5 March report published.

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