More than 100 museums release “ free coloring '', many works that you can feel the “ past era '' just by looking at it


More than 100 museums release “ free coloring '', many works that you can feel the “ past era '' just by looking at it

An event that highlights collections held on social media by more than 100 museums, libraries, universities, and botanical gardens as "coloring books"#ColorOurCollections"Has been released. The participating works are so diverse that they can't be described in a single word. Just looking at them can tell you what art and advertising used to be like.

One Hundred Museums Transformed Their Collections Into Free Coloring Pages | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine

The New York Academy of Medicine, a public health agency that became the predecessor of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, planned #ColorOurCollections in 2016 for the purpose of “ disseminating unknown works and promoting creativity ''. did. It is recommended that museums participating in this event convert their collections to black and white “coloring” format and make them available for download as PDF format.

#ColorOurCollections for 2020 was held from February 3 to February 7. The works announced during the event period can be viewed freely from the official website below even after the period ends.

#Color Our Collections – The New York Academy of Medicine Library

When you access the official website, the participating works will be displayed in a list. This time I was worried about a creature like a human face dog that was too strange,University of Sussex Library WorksTo take a look.

When you access individual pages, you can see each work from the embedded PDF file, but in some cases a large blank part is displayed in the article. In that case, click the link below the blank area.

ThenPDF file summarizing coloring bookYou can access directly.

The coloring book that the University Library of Sussex had recommended in 2020 was a pig with a human head, face, hands, and feet. An official French royal surgeon who also contributed to the development of modern surgeryAmbroise PalaisIt is a work that he drew in 1678.

The participating works are diverse and their genres are also diverse. Pritzker Military Museum & Library(PDF file)Participating worksIs a coloring book of the US Navy's recruitment poster during World War II. The figure of the U.S. military standing on the Iwo Jima flag is drawn.

Trinity Hall Cambridge University coloring book for cats with too strong eyesight(PDF file)ReleaseWhat you did. This picture is a British clergyEdward TopsellIn addition, Topsell applies ancient traditions to real life creatures, leaving strange explanations and pictures about animals such as "Weasels give birth from ears."

West Virginia and Regional History CenterSwift and Company (now JBS)Coloring book with butter advertisement(PDF file)Exhibition. Seventy-three boys bite into the bread and appeal to them that this is real butter.

Europeana, a digital platform for EU cultural heritage, entitled “ European Industry '', features a comparison of French steam locomotives and illustrations showing how workers at the time worked. To(PDF file)Releasewas doing.

Kansai University also has a digital archive coloring bookOsaka art fieldOn the official website(PDF file)Now open. Below is a painter from the late Edo periodKamata Iwamatsuof"Mibiki puppy illustrationColoring book.

Also a painter from the late Edo period,Kimura Degitoshidoof"Flower butterflyIs also a coloring book.

The Kansai University Asia Open Research Center has shown the results of actually painting a flower and butterfly illustration coloring book on Twitter.

As described above, a wide variety of works are open to the public, and it takes an enormous amount of time to find interesting and desired pictures. Then, click the loupe icon on the top right of the official page …

A search field will be displayed, so try typing "Japan".

Then I found an exhibition called "Map of Japan in the Tokugawa Era" at the University of British Columbia.

(PDF file)ContentLooking atDetailed view of TokaidoA part of a map depicting the area around Tokaido was published.

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