More than 150 Porsche gathered at the Goodwood Circuit!

Porsche Club GB hosts an annual "KG" event in Goodwood. The 2019 event was blessed with good weather, and more than 150 cars gathered, from the 356 pre-A to the race-specific 911.

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A lot of attention has been paid to the Delwin Mallet supercharged "streamliner", which has been waiting for completion. The guests of the event, Mr. Outlaw and Rod Emory, were also scrutinizing. Another legendary Porsche driver, Jurgen Wald, also visited as a guest, circling the Goodwood Circuit with a variety of models.

Although not a flashy event, the grid was solid and the parade lap was a success. This year's "KG" event has filled it enough, with the Classics at the Castle not taking place this year and a huge hole in the calendar of Historic Porsche in the UK.

The schedule of the Porsche Club GB event in February is as follows. The Goodwood event for 2020 is still a bit ahead, but I'm looking forward to seeing what Porsche is coming to.

1 day Skittles versus Woolbridge MC
9th IWM Duxford visit
15th Trio of Mexican nights-Aberdeen
16 DOTM-Hook Norton Brewery
21-23 Race Retro
22nd Air rifle shooting
20-23 days R20 @ The London Classic Car Show
23rd Slot car event
23rd Indian buffet lunch

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