More than 3,000 valuable military maps from the 16th to 19th centuries are released online


More than 3,000 valuable military maps from the 16th to 19th centuries are released online

George IIIHe was the King of the United Kingdom from 1760 to 1820, and was involved in many military conflicts throughout his life. More than 3,000 military maps owned by George III have been released online.

George IIIs Collection of Military Maps

Huge archive of old military maps published – ianVisits – London news and events

George III is known for collecting many maps, and said that he had more than 55,000 maps and charts, including topographic maps and marine charts. Son after the death of George IIIGeorge IVOwns most of the collectionBritish MuseumIt is said that military maps created in response to wars and conflicts were left undonated due to their strategic value and the interest of George IV himself.

Dr. Yolande Hodson, a British history researcher, published such a military map of George III on the "George IIIs Collection of Military Maps" website. Anyone can see valuable military maps from the 16th and 19th centuries online.

Official pageGo to and scroll down a bit and you will see a button called "OPEN THE MAP". Click here …

Displays each point on the world map corresponding to the military map of George III. Most collections are concentrated in Europe, but there are also military maps for South Africa and India.

Plus, military maps of the Americas and …

There was also a Southeast Asia military map.

Clicking on a point on the map will display the URL of the military map on the left side of the screen. Click on the URL …

The military map at that point is listed. Click on the displayed military map.

Then you can see the selected military map. This time it was displayed between 1643 and France and the Holy Roman EmpireBattle of TuttlingenMilitary map in. Click the zoom icon at the bottom of the screen …

The military map can be enlarged and displayed.

If you zoom further, you can also see the French army in winter and the formation of the Holy Roman Empire trying to surprise the French army.

At the bottom of the screen was a description of the military map, the creator of the map, the physical characteristics of the map, and information such as the size.

Also, it seems that there is a military map of the battle that occurred in Boston, USA, so if you look at the details …

William JohnsonWith the British colonial army led by the associate baronMohawkNative Indians fought together with the French armyBattle of Lake GeorgeDiscover military maps in.

You can find various information such as the aspect of the position behind Lake George, weapons, formation and so on.

Also, at the bottom of the official page, military maps are categorized by prominent wars, such as "The Ottoman Empire and the Habsburg House War from 1521 to 1791"Eighty years war"Thirty years war"French-Spanish War"And military maps of various wars.

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