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More than 50% of working women say “ work is not fun ''-When do you feel the most fun?

On February 25, the Career Design Center released a survey on "Work with Women." The survey was conducted on the Web from November 22 to December 3, 2019, targeting 570 women who are members of the company's job change site, "Women's Job Change Type."

  • Is your job fun?

    Is your job fun?

When asked, "Is your current job fun?", "Slightly fun" (25.6%) received the most responses, but positive opinions of "very fun", "fun" and "somewhat fun" (44.8 in total) %) And the negative opinions of "slightly not fun", "not fun" and "not very fun" (55.2% in total), it was found that there were many negatives.

  • If you divide your current job into “fun”, “hard” and “neither”, what percentage of “fun” is about? Also, what percentage is "hard"?

    If you divide your current job into “fun”, “hard” and “neither”, what percentage of “fun” is about? Also, what percentage is "hard"?

Next, when I divided my current job into "fun", "hard" and "neither", I asked about what percentage of "fun" was, and the answer was "30%" was the highest for all generations. If people who have "fun" are more than 50%, the result is that people in their forties, thirties, and twenties are higher in that order. The generation who finds work most enjoyable turns out to be in their forties.

On the other hand, if you look at the percentage of "hard work" in your work, "50%" is the largest number of people overall. In addition, it is clear that most people in their 20s choose "70%", and the ratio of the total of "50% or more difficult" is clearly the highest in their 20s.

Younger people felt the harder the job, and the older they were, the more likely they felt the job was fun.

Finally, when asked when they find it fun at work, the first place is "I have good friends", the second place "Thanks to others", and the third place "Recognized". In addition, when asked what they think should be done to increase "fun", the first place "change jobs", the second place "work hard to improve human relationships", and the third place "think positively" ranked high. .

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