“More”just in situation from the instructions to understand the AI developed by Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation [Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo]is 28 days,the names of the actors who cites”well said,”the situation, directed from the contents of the judgment and record TV shows and record a scene or play an AI technology developed and announced. People vague instructions but depending on the situation, the missing information taken into consideration to judge the technology, the company in the future, home appliances and automotive equipment such as to utilize.

For example in the morning, the mother on the TV towards the”actor A,well,”he says, and the built-in AI,camera video and microphone audio information from the instructions of the mother and recognition. In addition, the mother is the”program X”like that and,on the day of the actor A perform in program X is broadcast, and that the mother will go out of TV is not to look for information,”today is actor A starring on a TV program aired, the program need to record”and directed the contents of the guess. Instructions voice anywhere,recording…. perform…..

Also, the night came home the mother”actor A,well”and speak to the situation,”from the recorded actor A starring on the show X-Play”should the judges of the show play for that.

Also,users follow the instructions of the equipment to manipulate the AI, there was the vague instructions in the AI can not understand that there was.

Also, the conventional devices on the cloud for the AI use, we developed the AI is a lot of information from among relevant information and tools for processing,the calculation amount and the memory usage can be reduced. Therefore, the cloud without going through stand-alone equipment to process the information. Ambiguous instructions in 1 second or less to understand, and immediately responsive.

The company has all of the equipment smarter, with a goal of their own AI technology”Maisart [my site]”is developed. This technology is Maisart using.

This time,the technology developed”compact knowledge processing based on HMI[human machine interface] control technology,”and the name. In the future, the company of household appliances, from car navigation systems such as in-vehicle information apparatus to the utilization of the advance,the 2022 and subsequent commercialization.

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