Mortgage specialist financial institution announces “Top 10 Really Liveable Towns”! A must-see ranking if you want to live in the Tokyo area / No. 3 is "Tama Plaza" and No. 2 is "Akabane" …

A dream home. In today's diverse lifestyles, having a house isn't necessarily the passing point of life, but nobody's own home is a special place. However, for most people, you make a large loan and shop once in a lifetime to sweat every month. neverI don't want to regret!

Japan's largest mortgage financial institution Aruhi Co., Ltd. Really livable cityGrand Prize 2020 ”announced. According to the company's announcement, we picked up the cities where Alchi's mortgage loans were actually used from Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa prefectures. It was selected by a selection committee that included experts.

・ Examination criteria

There are five points to be selected: “Living environment”, “Convenient transportation”, “Educational environment”, “Cost performance” and “Development”. Educational facilities and infrastructure are in place for comfortable living, convenient commuting, future development, andHigh cost performance, Is a “livable city” rating.

No matter how good the place is, if there is no help for the general public, it will be meaningless. Therefore, as a reference for COSPA, I also examined the official land price, which is a measure of the land transaction value. Let's take a look at the ranking!


・ Prosperous first place is “Kawaguchi” [Saitama Prefecture]

JR Keihin Tohoku Line is 25 minutes to Shinjuku Station, 20 minutes to Ikebukuro Station, and you can access Tokyo, Shinagawa, Ueno, and Yokohama without changing trains. The redevelopment around the station is currently in progress, and a large-scale tower condominium is scheduled to be completed in 2023.

However, it is natural to live in a convenient place if you pay high money. In the same ranking, the star rating is 4 stars [the highest is 5 stars].Save on rents and pricesIt is evaluated. If you buy a house in Kawaguchi City, the price of the land you care about …

■ Average official land price of Kawaguchi City [residential area] → 198,900 yen [per square meter]

I think that it is difficult to imagine whether it is expensive or cheap if it is only this, so compared with Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, which has the highest residential land in Japan.

■ Average public land price [residential area] in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo → 2,688,600 yen[Per square meter]!

Since 6 tatami mats are about 10 square meters, the price is 27 million yen, “What are you saying?” In a space where one person can sleep. Compared to thisKawaguchi is cheap…… I feel like this !?


・ The second place is Akabane [Kita-ku, Tokyo]

While there are multiple routes, it is highly convenient, while a traditional shopping street remains.NEXT KichijojiHighly rated as “a city worthy of”. Kita Ward, who says “Kita Ward is the best for raising children!” Is said to be focusing on child care support. The Akabanedai housing complex, built in the Showa period as the first large-scale housing complex in Tokyo, was reborn as a rehabilitation project, and future development is recognized. However, there is only in Tokyo and the price is quite good.

■ Average public land price [residential area] in Kita Ward → 492,800 yen [per square meter]


・ No. 3 is “Tama Plaza” [Aoba Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture]

Direct access to Shibuya, Futakotamagawa and Otemachi on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line. Because Tomei Kawasaki IC is close, it is convenient to travel by car. The shopping area directly connected to the station “Tama Plaza Terrace” created a crowd, and “Many residents are highly interested in education and the reputation of public elementary schools is good.”

■ Average public land price [residential area] of Aoba Ward → 290,000 yen [per square meter]

・ Click here for 4th and below

Here, the 4th and below are introduced at once.

4th “Kashiwanoha Campus” [Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture]

5th place "Iriya" [Taito-ku, Tokyo]

6th "Oji" [Kita-ku, Tokyo]

No. 7 “Musashi Koganei” [Koganei City, Tokyo]

No. 8 “Koiwa” [Edogawa-ku, Tokyo]

No. 9 “Hibarigaoka” [West Tokyo City, Tokyo]

No. 10 "Shinonome" [Koto-ku, Tokyo]

・ The order changes when becoming senior

In the senior ranking, the first place “Kiba” [Koto-ku, Tokyo], second place “Oizumi Gakuen” [Nerima-ku, Tokyo], and third place “Hiratsuka” [Kanagawa Prefecture] were selected. about. The needs of young people are likely to change because the educational environment becomes irrelevant when the child grows larger, and when you retire from work you do not have to think about commuting to the workplace.


How about it? By the way, according to a survey by the Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the rate of home ownership in Japan is around 60%. The number of houses is increasing little by little every year due to new construction, but about 40% of the increase is occupied by the three prefectures in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

In other words, the area centered in Tokyo will continue to gather people and build new houses. I think that it is an eager wish to find a place that is a little better, so I would like to introduce it as soon as information becomes available.

By the way, the average published land price of the author's local population is increasing …Approximately 30,000 yenWould you like to immigrate?

Source:ARUHI, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism"Public announcement of land prices in 2019", Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications“2018 Housing and Land Statistics Survey”


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