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MOTHER, a non-charging activity meter that generates electricity at body temperature, will be released this summer-Engadget Japan Version

Medirom Co., Ltd., which operates 284 stores nationwide under the brand name Re.Ra.Ku and other health management support services, has developed an activity tracker "MOTHER" in collaboration with MATRIX, a manufacturer of smart watches that generate electricity from body temperature. Announced.

The biggest feature is that, like the MATRIX PowerWatch series, power is generated by the difference between body temperature and outside temperature, and charging work is unnecessary. Also, like MATRIX PowerWatch 2, it supports solar power generation, so you can expect stable charging even in summer when there is little difference between body temperature and outside temperature.

This allows 24×7 tracking without having to remove your wrist for charging. It seems unlikely that you have forgotten to remove it for charging and wear it as it is.

As a function, in addition to measuring activities such as the number of steps, it is also possible to accurately measure calorie consumption based on the measured calorific value of the skin. It also supports sleep log measurement and heart rate measurement.

However, it seems that the waterproof performance is to life waterproofing, so it is necessary to remove it at the end of bathing. Around this time, I want you to fully support waterproofing before release.

In addition, SDK will be released to healthcare providers so that data acquired by MOTHER can be directly imported into the services of each company. The company believes that this will contribute to the development of nursing care and fitness businesses, businesses that require health information such as public transportation, and health-related industries.

Of course, this is based on the consent of the user, but users may also benefit from the fact that data from one device can be used for various services.


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